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Tubeholder and other things
Date: 2013/11/04 11:27
Name: Pontus

Hello, and thank you for a great site about the talkbox.

I recently got my hands on two EV 1823m drivers and im going to build my own talkbox with the help of your custom tube holder.

I found it at the bounce city/talkboxer site. I guess that is the only place to buy it?
I wonder if you can tell me about the connector kits they sell.
At what frequenzy does the electrolytic capacitor cut off and what is the slope?

I also want to know about the tube they sell.
Is it the same size as the golden throat (12mm outside, 9 mm inside), and will it fit the tubeholder?

I really hope you can help me with this.

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Re: Tubeholder and other things ( No.1 )
Date: 2013/11/05 21:40


In, You can purchase Tube Holders, 2m Vinyl Tube and Custom cable. page is here.

About custom cable. I use Mundorf gECaph electrolytic capacitors (Capacity : 33ƒÊF). If you use 1823M, You can get -6dB/oct Hi-pass filter. Cut-off point is 500Hz.

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